• Scrum Coaching

  • - You want to go agile?
    - You want to start using Scrum?

    Then Belmont can help you with this. But before you even think about it, have you done your homework?

    Is there an analysis of what kind of products your company is working with? How your development environments look like? Is your organisation in shape for fully supporting autonomous Scrum teams? Have you anchored this new idea with your architects and developers?

    If not, let's start from the beginning!

    This journey will take some time, because this is not done over a day or two, but when you're starting to get there it will most certainly be worth it.

  • Product Ownership

  • In order to run a successful Scrum team there must be a dedicated Product Owner and a clear vision for the designated product.

    The team and Product Owner must own their own backlog and work close together, prefferably at the same geographic location.

    A good Product Owner is not neccessarily a person with the most knowledge of the product, even though it may end up like that down the road.

    To be successful as a PO you need to be able to compromise (working with both road maps and sprint backlogs) deal with conflicts (lot's of different stakeholders with their own agendas) and pedagogical enough to envision your goals for all stakeholders and your team.

  • Mattias Bernson
  • I'm an experienced IT-consultant who have worked within a variety of system development areas. My key competences today are as a Product Owner or Scrum Master (Scrum Coach) even though I’ve worked a lot within Project Management & Process Engineering and also Business & System Analysis.

    During my earlier years as an IT-consultant I have worked with both Change Management and IT-Education, where the latter is one area where I really thrive.

    Since I've been employed and assigned in Sundsvall, Stockholm and Gothenburg, and worked with international projects with sites in U.S.A, France, India, Poland and Scandinavia, I've gained a broad experience from different IT-cultures.

    I always work with a smile on my face and without prestige. When problems arise I tend to solve them in the best way for the designated team/project. I'm very pragmatic and pedagogical, which comes from my work as an IT-Trainer.

    In my spare time I like to run, play floorball, golf and swim, preferably in the ocean. I'm also interested in photography and design.

    I'd be more than happy to help your team or project to succeed!

  • Certified by Jens Østergaard

  • Certified Scrum Master
    Gothenburg (SWE) 2006

  • Certified by Jeff Sutherland

  • Certified Scrum Product Owner
    Boston (USA) 2015

  • About me

  • Born
  • 1974 in Ängelholm

  • Based
  • Gothenburg
    (Can also operate in other parts of Sweden and English speaking countries around the world)

  • IT-Work Experience
  • 19 years (since 1999)

  • University
  • Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall

  • High School
  • Katedralskolan, Linköping
    Belmont Senior Secondary,Victoria, B.C., Canada

  • Key Competencies

  • Scrum
  • Certified Product Owner (2015)
    Certified Scrum Master (2006).

  • Product Ownership
  • Scrum

  • Business & System Analysis
  • Requirement gathering, modelling, documenting and managing.

  • Project Management
  • Experience of both Project and Product management.

  • Education
  • Experienced Trainer and Mentor.

  • Employments

  • Knowit
  • Group: System Development
    Location: Gothenburg 2010-2012

  • IBM Rational
  • Group: Rational Services
    Location: Stockholm 2009-2010

  • HiQ
  • Group: HiBridge
    Location: Stockholm 2007-2009

  • Volvo Information Technology
  • Group: Consulting Services
    Location: Gothenburg 2004-2007

  • National Social Insurance Board
    (RFV Data)
  • Group: Utbildning-Metod-Stöd
    Location: Sundsvall 1999-2004

  • 2018

  • Volvo Car Corporation
  • Product Owner

  • Product Owner of conceptual cloud based services for connected and autonomous driving cars. Working with three teams and in the SAFe-framework at Volvo Connected Cars.

  • 2016

  • Telia Operator
  • Product Owner & Scrum Coaching

  • Managing the following portals of Teliasonera: teliaoperator.se, oppenfiber.se and bredbandswebben.se. As a Product Owner for these portals I meet with the business and prioritize the backlog for a development team.

  • 2014

  • Skanova & IC
  • Scrum Master & Coaching

  • Assigned as a Scrum Master I set up a new team which handled all incoming developments and enhancements for Teliasonera’s three Net Business web portals; Skanova, Teliaoperator Business and Teliasonera International Carrier.

  • 2013

  • Skanova & IC
  • Product Owner

  • Managing an outsourced development project for Skanova at Teliasonera. The resources were located in Chennai, India, where they implemented the Skanovas new web portal in Magnolia. The task included a lot of web conferences and daily meetings with different nationalities.

  • 2012

  • Teliasonera
  • Project Manager

  • I worked as a Project Manager for a web migration project where TeliaSonera (in cooperation with Tieto) migrated Skanova’s, Telia Operator Business and Teliasonera International Carriers internet portals from a legacy platform to the new (Agora). One part of the project was to set up the new Agora platform (including Magnolia) for these three portals.

  • 2011

  • Teliasonera
  • Requirements Mentor & Manager

  • I was assigned as a mentor for the requirement team in a major development program upgrading the support system “Caesar” for TeliaSonera. Later on my role shifted to manage the requirements and also overlooking the business needs. Part of the assignment was also to enhance the development process (Waterfall & Scrum) regarding both the requirement and test area.

  • 2009

  • IBM Rational
  • Process Engineer (Scrum)

  • I assisted companies and projects as a process engineer (Scrum) and tool expert. When assisting I tried to help them work more efficiently with their development ventures through enhancing their processes. Mainly overlooking the overall process (including the designated tools) and in particular the requirement and project management parts.

  • 2008

  • SEB
  • Process Engineer & Trainer

  • Assigned as a process engineer and trainer, I worked for a major implementation project of SEB’s own development process; SEB UP (influenced by RUP) for all of SEB IT. Part of the assignment included project management mentorship and executing one-day courses once a week.

  • 2007

  • Munters
  • Quality & Requirements Manager

  • I worked as a Quality Manager for a project where Munters developed a wireless system through laptops and hand computers for their field technicians. Along the project I also took the role of a Requirements Manager, helping them to clarify what the needs were and how they should design the IT-solution to fulfill those needs.

  • 2006

  • Volvo 3P
  • Product Manager

  • I was assigned as a Product Manager for a small upgrading project for Volvo 3P. Mostly coordinating all concerned parties and their change requests. As the Product Manager I was also responsible for executing the system analysis for all incoming requests.

  • 2005

  • Volvo IT
  • Process Manager

  • I was named Global Manager for Volvo IT’s “Configuration, Change & Avalilable Management”, which was a new position (role) I helped Volvo IT to establish. The scope was to consolidate the way of working for these areas within the three major regions (USA, France and Sweden) of Volvo IT.